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How to Plan for a Social Media Crisis (Infographic)

26 Aug

Social media is a crisis communications tool that needs to be understood, planned for as such, and practiced on in trainings and crisis simulations by the appropriate members of your crisis team.

No matter where a crisis originates today, the fact of the matter is that it will take mere minutes (if not seconds) for it to make its way to social media and the web. This reality (whether you want to admit that it’s a reality or not) means that your key crisis communications team (legal, PR, executives, frontline, etc) absolutely need to understand today’s new rules of crisis communications.

I recently came across the below infographic that does a good job at visually presenting some of these new rules. Take a look and feel free to share it internally and with others who you feel will benefit from this information.

Infographic: how to plan for a social media crisis

socia-media-crisis-infographicSource: 360PR

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