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The Best and Worst Times to Post to Social Media in a Crisis

15 Jul

best-time-to-post-to-social-media-in-a-crisisI often see blog posts and infographics that specify the best and worst times to post to social media. I also often get asked when the best times to post to social media during a crisis are.

Personally, I’m not a fan of those blog posts or those infographics, and when asked the question I always have the same answer:

There is no global best time. Everybody’s audience has different behaviours and routines. What’s important is to take the time to figure out what the best times are for your brand before a crisis strikes. Once you do that, you’ll have your answer.

Also, I wouldn’t stress too much about “best times” to post to social in a crisis since the reality is that the best times are “real-time” and “frequently”.

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One Response to “The Best and Worst Times to Post to Social Media in a Crisis”

  1. Davina K. Brewer July 30, 2013 at 11:11 am #

    Word. Only other point is the BEFORE part. Before the crisis, before you or someone or something messed up. If not that, then yeah.. pretty much you want to get out in front but not go so overboard as to turn molehills into mountains. Mileage will always vary per the brand, the audiences and relationships w/ key stakeholders, the nature and severity of the 'crisis' and so on. No such thing as 'one best time to rule all best times.' FWIW.

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